Monday, June 7, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

So I finished Pretty Little Liars yesterday morning... very good for being a typical teen/ young adult novel. Contains lots of drama and suspense (seriously, I've flipped through all four books in the series and STILL can't figure out who the mystery character really is).

If you haven't seen the previews for the series on ABC Family, here's the rundown. It will help if you have seen the movie Sorority Row (both because of some plot similarity and the fact that it would comfort me to know someone else has suffered through that Rumor Willis/Audrina Partridge nightmare from hell). Five girls are friends in middle school in a small upper class town in Pennsylvania. There is the ringleader, Alison, who is "best friends" with the other four girls. The other girls feel closer to her than they do the others in the group. Being the "it" girls they are, they are less than nice to most other people. One night after an argument at a sleepover, Alison leaves and is never heard from again. Three years after that night this book begins. The girls are rising juniors in high school and all have secrets that only they and Alison know... and suddenly, all of them are being contacted by "A" with threats of revealing those secrets. Sort of like the texts in Sorority Row (See, I told you I'd be able to link the two together!). The characters have lifestyles similar to those in Gossip Girl but have darker secrets, for the most part.

All in all, a good light summer read, as well as a fast one. I'm reading the second book in the series, Flawless, now. Will update on that in the next day or so when I finish it.

P.S. I just realized that the series starts TONIGHT at 8 (well, I mean, I knew it started this week, but I just haven't paid enough attention apparently)... so set your DVR ladies! I know I will!


  1. I just found your blog through your comment on PIPM. I love to read and will look forward to seeing reviews of the books you're reading!

  2. Great idea! I am going to go look for this series, definitely sounds like something I would like reading!

  3. Holly, I didn't even realize there were 8 books!! I found the first four on clearance at Books-A-Million and thought that was it... SO SO excited to find out there are more. I spent this morning stalking, haha!