Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

All I can say is that you have to read them to believe the drama.

Books 2-4 of the 8 book series have kind of run together (since I'm a horrible blogger and didn't blog immediately after finishing each one). Each is such a quick read that you don't want to take the time to review one before beginning the next one.

I can't wait to find books 5-8 on sale... I refuse to pay $16 for each of them. Sorry, but I read too many books to be able to afford paying full price for all of them.

If you've been watching the series on ABC Family, it stays about 50% true to the story in the books. Little things bug me, like the actresses not looking the same as the author describes their characters in the books, but overall, the books and series have become my guilty pleasures.

I found the first 4 books on sale for $3.97 at my local Books-A-Million, so if you're interested I'd check there!

I'll try to review the next books in more detail as soon as I read them.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the reader

The Reader by Bernhard Schlink is both haunting and emotional.

The story begins when young Michael Berg becomes very ill on the way home from school one day. A woman rushes to help him, and his fascination with her leads them to form a relationship. But as suddenly as she entered Michael's life, she disappears.

It is many years later when Michael discovers a dark secret about her that makes him question everything he thought he knew. You will find yourself in the same tug-of-war of moral understanding and emotion. The complicated ways of human nature, pride, and love make this novel a fast, and worthwhile, read.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Help
The Help is a novel by Kathryn Stockett detailing three women’s intertwined lives in Jacksonville, Mississippi.  The story, set in 1962, switches between the perspectives of the three women each chapter.  We are introduced to Aibileen first.  Aibileen is a black maid, who primarily works for Miss Leefolt.  Minny, a black maid for another family, is the outspoken best friend of Aibileen.  Minny is fired from her job and becomes the maid of Miss Celia, the outsider in the town.  Eugenia, also known as Skeeter, is a recent graduate from Ole Miss, who longs to be a writer.  Her mother wishes her to put aside such thoughts and wants only to see a ring on her daughter’s finger.  On the advice of a book publisher, Skeeter takes a job at the local newspaper writing an advice column on housekeeping issues.  Skeeter approaches Aiblileen and asks her for the answers to questions readers send in.  From her contact with Aibileen, Skeeter gets the idea to write a book about the lives of domestic maids.  Aibileen introduces Skeeter to Minny and many other maids and Skeeter uses their life stories in her novel.  Skeeter is successful in getting the book published, but not without repercussions for herself and those whose stories she told.
The Help was a great story that included significant historical and enjoyable personal descriptions.  The characters were personable and the woven tales together made the book flow flawlessly.  Stockett’s descriptions were vivid and detailed and painted clear pictures of the setting during this time period.  Skeeter gave Aibileen, Minny and the other maids a voice in a time when their position in life was overlooked. 

{The Young Southern Prep}

eat, pray, love

One woman's search for everything across Italy, India, and Indonesia

A gorgeous, funny book by author Elizabeth Gilbert, eat pray love kept me laughing and contemplating. Written about her own journey, Gilbert's story draws in her readers and makes them her best friends.
Gilbert, successful with an amazing job, a husband, and a dream home, suffered through depression and a terrible divorce after coming to the realization that her life had taken a wrong turn somewhere. It took all the inner strength she had to move on and discover what it was she was looking for. She dives into worldly pleasures of drink and food, deep devotion to the divine, and realizes that self love is the ultimate reward.
She travels to Italy, India, and Indonesia. All "I"s...but that's not a coincidence. The structure of the book is what makes it such a perfect, balanced story as Gilbert searches for her own inner serenity. She explains the book's construction in the introduction. It's all wrapped up neat and tidy (even if her experiences, trials, and discoveries aren't!) and left me feeling refreshed.
Gilbert is just so likable. I highly recommend this read for the summer.

xoxo cp&b

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

So I finished Pretty Little Liars yesterday morning... very good for being a typical teen/ young adult novel. Contains lots of drama and suspense (seriously, I've flipped through all four books in the series and STILL can't figure out who the mystery character really is).

If you haven't seen the previews for the series on ABC Family, here's the rundown. It will help if you have seen the movie Sorority Row (both because of some plot similarity and the fact that it would comfort me to know someone else has suffered through that Rumor Willis/Audrina Partridge nightmare from hell). Five girls are friends in middle school in a small upper class town in Pennsylvania. There is the ringleader, Alison, who is "best friends" with the other four girls. The other girls feel closer to her than they do the others in the group. Being the "it" girls they are, they are less than nice to most other people. One night after an argument at a sleepover, Alison leaves and is never heard from again. Three years after that night this book begins. The girls are rising juniors in high school and all have secrets that only they and Alison know... and suddenly, all of them are being contacted by "A" with threats of revealing those secrets. Sort of like the texts in Sorority Row (See, I told you I'd be able to link the two together!). The characters have lifestyles similar to those in Gossip Girl but have darker secrets, for the most part.

All in all, a good light summer read, as well as a fast one. I'm reading the second book in the series, Flawless, now. Will update on that in the next day or so when I finish it.

P.S. I just realized that the series starts TONIGHT at 8 (well, I mean, I knew it started this week, but I just haven't paid enough attention apparently)... so set your DVR ladies! I know I will!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I plan for this to be a once a month (maybe more often) book review of a single book or a series that I have read or re-read recently. I am welcome to adding team members for this blog to create a sort of virtual book club/ book review.

If you're interested in joining, let me know at preppyinpearlsblog at gmail dot com.

Currently, I'm reading the Pretty Little Liars series, having just started the second of four. The show based on the books is starting on ABC Family this week, and I'm one of those people who likes to read the books before seeing the television show or movie.

Review to come.

Miss Preppy in Pearls